Abdelhakim Abasa, MENA Sales Manager, FileCloud discusses their commitment to data sovereignty, innovation, and reshaping the digital landscape in the Middle East and Africa.

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Could you provide insights into your organisation and its establishment in the region?

We are delighted to have been part of GITEX, where FileCloud showcased its cutting-edge solutions. Our flexibility and innovation commitment reflects our dedication to the Middle East and Africa. At FileCloud, we play a crucial role in reshaping the digital landscape for both regional governments and large enterprises. We are the trusted choice for esteemed government agencies, integrations, and sizable enterprises.

FileCloud offers a highly secure enterprise platform for file sharing and collaboration. Our solution effectively addresses the challenges related to security, data management, seamless collaboration, and regulatory compliance. We ensure that organisations can store, access, and share data while maintaining full control over sensitive information, ultimately promoting productivity and robust data governance.


Could you share insights on your strategic expansion efforts and upcoming plans?

It is essential to highlight the crucial aspect of data sovereignty in the region. Government agencies prioritise keeping sensitive data within their specific regions, and at FileCloud, we fully understand and address this concern. Our platform ensures that government data remains securely stored in the region of their choice, meeting stringent data sovereignty requirements. For instance, we are proudly PDPL certified in Saudi Arabia, assisting both government agencies and private companies to comply with PDPL regulations. This level of control and security not only upholds data sovereignty but also fosters trust among citizens and ensures regulatory compliance. As for our plans in the region, we have witnessed impressive growth, reflecting the trust our clients have in us. We are actively supporting governments and companies in aligning with Vision 2030 objectives in Saudi Arabia and other nations. This success has paved the way for us to expand our operations with the imminent opening of offices in Dubai and soon in Saudi Arabia.


How are you utilising your presence at GITEX to align with your strategies?

GITEX holds great significance for us. It not only underscores our dedication to innovation but also provides a platform for us to allocate more time and resources to the Middle East and Africa region, making it a pivotal event for our endeavors in these areas.

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