Finesse drives digital transformation at Medcare

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Finesse has announced its strategic partnership with Medcare, a premium healthcare network ventured by Aster DM Healthcare. Finesse in association with its partner – UiPath, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, has proposed a customised solution for better customer experience and value generation at Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres.

The partnership between Finesse and UiPath will offer a seamless implementation experience. Finesse endeavors to build a robust digital platform for Medcare’s business processes. It has proposed an automation platform to make the insurance eligibility process quick and accurate for both Medcare and its existing patients.

“As an organization committed to deliver the most personalized service and best clinical outcomes, we understand the value of time. In our mission to reduce waiting time and constantly improve upon evidence-based care, RPA will automate and streamline several tasks for our medical professionals and administrators in hospitals and clinics. With regards to insurance approval, RPA implementation will support our team deliver an even higher level of service, with their time on paperwork reduced thanks to automation. We can use insights delivered by the tools to access and process data to deliver the best clinical outcomes and service excellence for our patients,” said Andre Daoud, Chief Executive Officer at Medcare Hospitals and Medical Centres.

“We are delighted to provide Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres with the best-in-class RPA solution to enhance its journey of digital transformation. We will ensure a secure, and feasible RPA platform for upscale customer handling and relationship management. This transformation is surely going to simplify the insurance eligibility process for Medcare’s employees as well as their existing patients,” said Sunil Paul, Co-Founder & COO, Finesse.

Naushad Mohammed, General Manager IT at Medcare, understands that the current Insurance Eligibility Process is a tedious one. He explained that the process is very monotonous and time-consuming for both their front and back-office team. The team must scan a patient’s details through ten to fifteen insurance portals to ensure the claim eligibility of a patient.

“It is a time-consuming process for the employees and strains the patients to wait for insurance approval before commencement of their treatment. That’s why we have decided to automate the process to lead efficiency and to effectively carry out the eligibility process. This is just a start to the RPA journey as we are planning to enhance and automate more processes that add value to both our team members and patients,” said Mohammed.

“The leaders of the country have identified healthcare as a key sector of focus and a priority within the UAE Vision’s National Agenda, that is a guideline for our organization. We believe that the automation solutions provided by UiPath and implemented by Finesse will allow Medcare to create a highly scalable digital workforce to support its transformation agenda. The capacity created by freeing employees from repetitive and non-value adding tasks will enable them to focus on better care for patients and their families. It will also significantly decrease wait times and create an improved experience for all.” Karan Dixit, Vice President, Middle East and Africa at UiPath


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