FVC Partners With Banyan Cloud as Distributor for MEA Region to Offer Next-Gen CNAPP

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FVC partners with Banyan Cloud, offering the Cloud Native Application Protection (CNAPP) SaaS Platform. Adhering to the Zero Trust & Data First principle, it ensures governance, real-time security, and continuous compliance for multi-cloud platforms and databases. This distribution collaboration delivers an automated, easy-to-manage cybersecurity solution, supporting businesses in the Middle East and Africa’s digital transformation journey.

FVC now provides a cybersecurity platform based on Zero Trust and Data Security First principles. Ensuring security across the entire cloud development lifecycle, it enforces industry standards, enabling continuous monitoring and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Commenting on the collaboration, K S Parag, Managing Director of FVC, said, “This partnership allows FVC to offer a Next-Gen Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform that aligns with the ever-evolving landscape of cloud and database technology. Together, we aim to provide a robust end-to-end IT security solution that addresses the dynamic challenges faced by modern enterprises.”

Prakash Krishnamurthy, Chief Sales Officer at FVC also added, “Banyan Cloud is an intriguingly interesting CNAPP platform wherein Cloud Governance, Observability & security is built on a Zero-trust policy. This helps organisations attain a high-class cloud security posture. Banyan cloud is a cloud-native security and compliance solution that helps team build, deploy and run secure applications over dynamic public cloud environments”.

With extreme delight, Nagesh Konduru, CEO of Banyan Cloud, said, “Banyan Cloud is proud to contribute its user-friendly, all-in-one platform to enhance FVC’s cybersecurity offerings. This partnership empowers enterprises of all sizes with a flexible and scalable solution that simplifies deployment and management while ensuring top-notch security controls and governance. As organisations navigate the complexities of cloud environments, our joint efforts focus on delivering a hassle-free and securely managed IT environment, setting a new standard for cybersecurity excellence in the region.”

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