HUAWEI CLOUD Receives CITRA Permission to Deliver Cloud Computing Services in Kuwait

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The Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) has granted permission to HUAWEI CLOUD to offer cloud services in Kuwait as the GCC country pursues a cloud-first policy. With the new development, Huawei will deliver innovative cloud services to support Kuwait’s 2035 vision, which seeks to create a diversified, sustainable economy.

The announcement represents a key milestone in HUAWEI CLOUD offerings committed to support Kuwait digital transformation journey, and demonstrates HUAWEI CLOUD’s growing profile in Kuwait and the region as part of its global presence. HUAWEI CLOUD has emerged as an essential platform for internet companies and organizations to go digital. Now as the fastest-growing cloud services provider in the world, HUAWEI CLOUD has attracted 2.6 million developers, 28,000 consulting partners, 9,000 technical partners, and released 6,100 Marketplace products five years since launch.  In the Middle East, HUAWEI CLOUD offers more than 220 cloud services, 210 solutions, 19 data centers, over 200 local partners, and a growing list of more than 80 marketplace offerings.

Salim Muthib Al-Ozainah, Chairman and CEO of CITRA said, “Digitisation is integral to the realisation of our national goals as part of Vision 2035 to help develop a sustainable and diversified economy. The launch of HUAWEI CLOUD services will help Kuwait’s public and private organizations go digital while attracting new foreign investments into the country. We will continue to support technology firms’ entry into Kuwait that can add new value to our economy with innovative ideas and solutions.”

Rico Lin, CEO of Huawei Kuwait, said, “The demand for digital services among Kuwait’s enterprises continues to rise. HUAWEI CLOUD services in Kuwait will ensure these enterprises will have access to world-leading cloud services to help them drive their business and services further and keep innovating as per customers’ needs and ambitions. Further, our fast-expanding cloud marketplace ensures that we can support our partners’ future growth in the digital era.”

HUAWEI CLOUD is building the Cloud Foundation for an Intelligent World with Everything as a Service. HUAWEI CLOUD approach is all digital, all cloud, AI-driven, and providing everything as a service. Through Everything As Service offerings, Huawei is translating the company’s 30 plus years of ICT know-how into a wide variety of cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, and Expertise as a Service. These services aim to make the computing power required for AI as easily accessible as water and electricity. To this end, Huawei will continue to innovate in foundational technologies, platforms, and talent. We are also working to make AI more affordable, make it as accessible and available as possible, and help cultivate a new, thriving AI ecosystem.

Huawei has recently announced plans to host two cloud regions in the Middle East, a boost for local businesses and governments’ ability to access more robust and secure cloud services from Huawei.

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