Huawei’s BladeAAU Pro Drives New 5G Growth for du

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du, a leading mobile operator in the UAE, has successfully placed Huawei’s next-generation BladeAAU Pro into commercial use. The new BladeAAU Pro provides an innovative and simplified solution for du’s 5G commercial deployment by unlocking new possibilities of its 5G business development in innovative scenarios, spurring on du 5G business growth.

Operators must take the full advantages of incumbent 2G, 3G, and 4G sites to 5G rollout. But this comes with challenges such as finding antenna space, dealing with wind resistance, and ensuring that towers can bear the weight of equipment. In addition, at single-pole sites, 5G construction requires considerable reconstruction for original commercial network antennas. It brings more challenges if the pole is shared by two operators. By integrating both active and passive antenna units into a single box, BladeAAU Pro simplifies deployments for operators by supporting various bands in reduced antenna space.

BladeAAU Pro increases the height of 5G RF units to improve 5G coverage in du’s commercial networks compared with other solutions and improves user experience. Test results indicating average user experience of Approx. 600Mbps. The integrated design simplifies site deployment by eliminating the need for extra adjustment, significantly shortening 5G construction time. BladeAAU Pro also reduces the space required for antenna installation, saving OPEX. Moreover, the multi-band support provides additional flexibility for du to sustain smooth spectrum evolution over the coming years.

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