Larissa Crandall on Diversity, Inclusion, and the Power of Women in Technology

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Larissa Crandall, VP of Global Channel and Alliances at Veeam

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate success and inspire the next generation by raising awareness. The importance of having diversity and inclusivity within your company and wider network is that it brings together different ideas and perspectives. Having a diverse environment drives innovation, ignites creativity and brings another level of energy. One of the best parts of the position I have at Veeam is that I get to work with different types of roles and experiences. I see first-hand how diverse teams and inclusivity are critical to driving positive change in a growing company and industry.

To raise awareness, women in technology roles need to use their voice within their companies, speak at conferences, promote socially and provide mentorship. The more women see other women advocating for each other, the more inclined they will be to lean in and affect change. My mother inspired me as a successful businesswoman. I was fortunate to have an incredible role model showing no boundaries.

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