Rubrik spotlights next-gen data management solutions at GITEX

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Organisations today understand the significance of data and treat it as an asset as prized as gold or oil. However, with data overload, customers are now seeking efficient data management solutions. To address this demand, Rubrik at Gitex 2020 is showcasing its Data Management and Backup solutions.

“We had no customers, no partner networks, or distributors. But in just over three years, we now have between 400-450 customers using Rubrik technology across the Middle East region. The growth we’ve enjoyed has been phenomenal,” said Mohammed Al Tamimi, Regional Sales Director, Middle East, Turkey, North Africa, Rubrik.

Al Tamimi pointed out that the evolution and progress of data management from the ’90s until now has been very slow and that there has been a lack of innovation in this area.

“Nothing much has changed. You still need to have this infrastructure to have a proper back-up in addition to back-up software. Many enterprises have been trying to improve their back-up infrastructure by changing these silos – but they switch vendors hoping that it would improve performance and end up encountering the same pain points,” said Al Tamimi.

Al Tamimi revealed how Rubrik removed the need for all this infrastructure by launching its converged appliance that scales out. Customers visiting Rubrik’s booth at Gitex 2020 will get a glimpse of how organisations can efficiently plan their data management strategy with the vendor.

“It is a hyper-converged back-up solution, which means that inside you have four nodes. We have one appliance with the back-up software already built-in from Rubrik, which also eliminates the concept of licensing,” said Al Tamimi.

The Regional Sales Director also highlighted the exponential growth and sophistication of ransomware attacks globally since Rubrik was formed in 2014. The financial damage of ransomware attacks globally was $300m in 2015, but that rose to $12 billion last year and projected to reach $20 billion by 2020.

“The main reason we do back-up is to be able to restore, either following a ransomware attack, disaster recovery or to maintain business continuity. Ransomware recovery is critical – and attackers are attempting to further capitalise on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as many businesses are extremely vulnerable in the current climate. Each appliance of ours has a built-in flash and we give you 30,000 IOPS to be able to restore your data faster. In our appliances, our intelligence is not in the hardware – it is in the software,” said Al Tamimi.

Al Tamimi illustrated the features of its enterprise solution compared to that of its competitors and said its ability to encrypt metadata differentiates Rubrik from others in the market, which will be highlighted all through Gitex 2020.

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