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ManageEngine Marks 15 Years at GITEX

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Present since 2007, ManageEngine is celebrating the 15th year of participation at GITEX Technology Week. The week is busy for the company, as it is using the show to hold some key announcements that include the launch of Anti-Ransomware, which is a new add-on for Desktop Central; a new Endpoint DLP tool, and a dedicated Centre for Internet Security benchmark compliance resource for Vulnerability Manager Plus.

These new tools come at a time when attacks are getting more serious and sophisticated, which is why such solutions are essential for businesses to properly transition into the digital era. Security is of course the main priority for everyone, but along with that, there are other key aspects that businesses should focus on with regards to transitioning into the digital era.

“Along with security, I believe that organisations should also invest in remote work solutions that can be as effective as sitting in the office,” said Rajesh Ganesan, Vice President, ManageEngine. “It’s a big challenge, but the past 18 months proved that we have the technology to be able to do this without compromising on security and privacy.”

There has been a rise in demand for collaboration tools and communication protocols, as companies seek to instantly shift between office work and remote work without impacting the business. Ganesan praised the UAE’s quick adoption of the latest digital technologies, allowing nearly all businesses to transition with little to no impact, but he also stressed that companies need to be more proactive with their IT operations.

As a division of Zoho Corporation, ManageEngine will continue to provide the best experience for its customers. “ManageEngine has more than 100 different offerings and our goal is to unify so our customers can commission and provision these products and deliver it as one coherent experience to their employees,” Ganesan concluded.

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