Mozn Partners with Google Cloud, Elevates Regional AI Innovation at LEAP 2024

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Mozn announced that it will be one of the first Saudi Arabian tech companies to collaborate with Google Cloud, propelling Mozn’s mission to “advance digital humanity by harnessing the powers of artificial intelligence” onto the international stage.

The announcement was made at LEAP 2024, Saudi Arabia’s renowned technology conference. Mozn chose the high-profile forum to highlight that partnering with Google Cloud allows the company to make its flagship FOCAL platform available through the Google Cloud Marketplace to organisations around the world.

“This collaboration with Google Cloud marks a significant stride for AI technology in the region, making our cutting-edge offerings at Mozn accessible on a global scale,” said Dr. Mohammed Alhussien, CEO and Founder, Mozn. “This strategic collaboration will drive AI innovation forward and ensure the prosperity of our digital presence worldwide.”

“Bringing Mozn’s FOCAL platform to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy, manage, and grow the solution on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud. “Mozn can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

FOCAL stands at the forefront of Mozn’s technological advancements, embodying an AI-driven platform meticulously engineered to transform the landscape of fraud prevention and compliance across a spectrum of industries in the region. Designed for precision and adaptability, FOCAL leverages advanced AI and analytics to offer targeted solutions for fraud detection and regulatory compliance. Its reliable framework identifies and mitigates risks in real time and ensures streamlined operations within complex regulatory environments. Mozn’s FOCAL was recognised as a top 25 worldwide FinTech product in the “Digital Business Solutions” category by Statista and CNBC.

OSOS, Mozn’s leading Arabic generative AI platform is next on the docket to be introduced onto Google Cloud Marketplace for worldwide usage.

As Mozn begins this journey as a Google Cloud partner, the company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of its offerings, aiming to further the progress of digital humanity. Positioned at the vanguard of technological transformation, Mozn reinforces its role as a leading AI innovator in the region.

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