Redington and DigiGlass Showcase Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions at COMEX 2024

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Redington and DigiGlass by Redington, the distributor’s Managed Security Services Distributor (MSSD) brand, are thrilled to announce their successful participation at COMEX 2024.

The event, with the theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Shaping the Future’, took place from 27th to 30th May, 2024 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Muscat. The show saw Redington and DigiGlass join forces with leading technology giants Huawei and Fortinet to showcase a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions.

The show’s theme was well aligned with Redington’s theme ‘Synergizing the Tech Ecosystem’, where the company is working together with its stakeholders to collaborate for the digital future.

As part of Redington’s synergy, Huawei and Fortinet demonstrated the latest advancements in various technological domains. Visitors to the booth explored next-generation networking solutions from Huawei, designed to empower businesses with unparalleled connectivity and scalability. They had the opportunity to learn about industry-leading cybersecurity offerings from Fortinet, ensuring comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats.

As Oman embraces digital solutions across sectors like healthcare, finance, and energy, protecting critical infrastructure becomes paramount. Cyberattacks targeting these areas can have devastating consequences, disrupting essential services and causing economic damage. Strong cybersecurity measures act as a shield, ensuring the secure operation of these vital systems. The DigiGlass team highlighted the importance of cybersecurity in digital transformation. Showcasing holistic cutting-edge solutions, visitors learned about DigiGlass’s recently launched Industrial Control System/Operational Technology Security Operations Center (SOC).

Zubair Alam, Cluster Head, RoME, Redington, said, “COMEX 2024 proved to be a dynamic platform for us to showcase a powerful synergy. Our unique MSSD brand, DigiGlass, alongside industry titans Huawei and Fortinet, demonstrated the unmatched strength of our combined expertise. Together, we unveiled a comprehensive portfolio of transformative technology solutions, tailored to address the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses across the Sultanate.”

Dharshana Kosgalage, Head of Technology Solutions, at Redington MEA, said, “COMEX was an ideal stage to connect with potential customers and channel partners. It wasn’t just about showcasing our latest offerings – it was about forging new connections and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to Oman’s IT security and technology landscape. Through dedicated partnerships, technology expertise and deep market knowledge, we offer an unmatched value proposition to our channel partners and customers, championing our theme of ‘Synergizing the Tech Ecosystem’. Looking ahead, we’re energised by the promise of this market, and we are excited to continue the momentum we have in Oman.”

Oman’s digital transformation is surging, driven by a population increasingly comfortable with technology and a government actively promoting innovation.  With internet usage poised to reach near-saturation levels of 98% by 2023, ‘Omn Vision 2040’ serves as a blueprint, prioritising digital solutions and fostering a vibrant environment for cutting-edge advancements. Across various sectors, businesses are embracing technologies like cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence, accelerating this growth. Digital transformation holds the promise of revolutionising Oman’s economy by streamlining government operations, enhancing business efficiency, and ultimately driving the nation toward a secure and prosperous future.

Sayantan Dev, President, Redington Middle East and Africa, “As one of Middle East’s fastest-growing economies, Oman is a strategic market for Redington. We recognise the opportunities present, and we are building a collaborative ecosystem to unlock the full potential. By partnering with leading channel partners and global technology solutions providers, we’re empowering organisations to navigate their digital transformation journeys effortlessly, securely, and with unmatched agility. COMEX 2024 was a testament to this collaborative spirit. It provided a valuable platform to connect with our ecosystem and forge new alliances, which will help accelerate Oman’s digital journey.”

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