Riverbed Launches Aternity Sentiment to Deliver the Most Comprehensive DEX Solution

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Riverbed announced the launch of Aternity Sentiment. The addition of Sentiment to Alluvio Aternity optimises the digital experience by correlating employee sentiment to application and device performance, enabling organisations to pinpoint user experience issues and take prescriptive, targeted actions that increase productivity and employee satisfaction, service quality and business performance.

Understanding outcomes of critical IT projects on the overall digital experience requires receiving timely feedback from the actual user perspective. To effectively gauge user satisfaction and increase response rates to capture the workplace digital employee experience (DEX), Aternity Sentiment enables organisations to deploy customisable surveys to targeted user groups across multiple devices and locations. Aternity Sentiment captures feedback through flexible survey components, including Net Promoter Score(NPS), an industry standard scale for measuring customer satisfaction, to provide organisations with an enhanced view of user engagement and productivity, resulting in improved business performance. By tightly correlating objective and subject metrics through Sentiment, the Alluvio Aternity DEM (digital experience management) solution provides the full picture of the digital experience, including, nuanced remediation feedback and additional human context.

IT departments rely on Alluvio Aternity to provide the deepest quantitative insights into employee and customer experience and the ability to benchmark digital experience against industry peers. Now with Sentiment, Alluvio Aternity tightly correlates aggregated insights on application and device performance data to human reactions, providing total digital experience management for employees.

“Most impacted issues originate beyond the device. If the goal is to enhance the digital experience, DEX solutions must offer end-to-end actionable insights from the network to the actual end user. Alluvio Aternity harnesses the power of the Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio, which delivers multi-dimensional correlation and low code automation across full-fidelity, full-stack telemetry,” said Richard Tworek, Chief Technology Officer, Alluvio at Riverbed. “Our customers also recognise that Aternity is the only DEX solution that provides click-to-render insights and end-user experience data to show the actual user experience on any application or device. Now, Sentiment adds the employee point-of-view, including how they perceive their digital experience. With Sentiment and existing capabilities such as user journey analytics and transaction tracing capabilities, Alluvio Aternity delivers a complete view of the digital experience for the business, employees, and customers.”

Delivering a superior Digital Employee Experience (DEX) has become critical to organisations both in terms of productivity and employee engagement. According to a 2022 Forrester Research, Inc. report, “A good DEX strongly correlates with high employee engagement, which ultimately impacts employee retention — 93% of employees with a high EX (employee experience) index score plan to stay with their organisation for the next year, compared with only 49% of employees with a low EX index score.”

Alluvio Aternity full-spectrum features End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) and Application Performance Management (APM), and provides insight into the business impact of customer and employee digital experience by capturing and storing technical telemetry and sentiment feedback at scale from employee devices, every type of business application, and cloud-native application service. Deployed as an agent on end-user devices or application infrastructure, Aternity measures what users actually see for every transaction, every app, running on any device. Today, Aternity manages more than four million endpoints globally, and processes over 250 billion activities daily, playing a critical role in the Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Alluvio Aternity is part of the Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio from Riverbed, which also includes network performance management (NPM), IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM), and Alluvio IQ – the first service built on the new Alluvio Unified Observability platform, a secure, highly available and scalable SaaS platform for cloud-native observability services.

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