RUCKUS Networks introduces AI-driven Assurance and Service Delivery Platform, NaaS Solution and Suite of Converged Networks

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CommScope announced three new RUCKUS Networks solutions that together offer enterprises and service providers new ways to deploy, manage and operate the next generation of purpose-driven networks. Each provides distinct and valuable advantages when used individually. Together they offer a robust solution for delivering highly reliable user experiences, solving coverage and mobility issues as well as the ability to relieve IT organisations from complex operational demands.

The AI-driven RUCKUS One cloud native platform delivers network assurance, service delivery and business intelligence in a unified dashboard to simplify converged network management across multi-access public and private networks.

The Network as a Service (NaaS) programme enables a new operational and financial model for businesses to consume networking solutions and services delivered on a subscription basis. This provides the option to forego the traditional model requiring up front capital expenditure for network equipment. The NaaS programme enables businesses to outsource elements or all their lifecycle operations to experts at RUCKUS and its channel partners and to also take advantage of CommScope Financial Services traditional leasing or complete hardware-as-a-service finance models.

The new multi-access public and private (MAPP) solution is offered with NaaS and makes it easy to deploy and operate networks leveraging private cellular alone or as a converged network using a multi-access mix of Wi-Fi, IoT, wired and private cellular. The solution is ideal for businesses and partners that need to deploy private cellular solutions for smart manufacturing and other applications that integrate with their existing IP network infrastructure enabling the application of common security, QoS and roaming policies across each access technology.

“Today, many enterprises and service providers are looking to deploy both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G networks to deliver the right type of connectivity for the right use case,” noted Chris DePuy, technology analyst and co-founder, 650 Group. “And as a result, AI-driven converged solutions, such as RUCKUS One, are what the market is looking for. RUCKUS Networks is offering a unique solution in this regard, as a one-stop shop for multi-access public and private network management with the ability to outsource technological and operational resources to RUCKUS Networks’ NaaS and its extensive channel partner network.”

“Our new suite of AI-driven converged network solutions enables our customers to accelerate business transformation by simplifying the implementation of multi-access public and private networks and empowers our partners to deliver solutions tailored to each customer,” stated Bart Giordano, senior vice president and segment president, Networking, Intelligent Cellular and Security Solutions, CommScope. “Now, our partners can focus on delivering the right services and solutions for customers, and the customers can focus on making the decisions that are best for the future of their business.”

Greg Giles, vice president of product management from RedViking, stated, “RedViking delivers the best automated guided vehicles in the world with integrated Industry 4.0 capabilities. For that we need an excellent private wireless solution. Leveraging RUCKUS Networks’ private cellular networking products and services, we can focus on delivering best-in-class solutions, confident CommScope has our back in delivering the rock-solid connectivity our customers expect.”

“The new cloud-scale RUCKUS One platform allows us to easily manage converged enterprise networks through a unified dashboard. With RUCKUS One, we deliver both IT and business specific KPI dashboards for many of our enterprise customers; as a result, they now recognise us as more than just an IT business partner. We strongly believe that RUCKUS One will enable us to provide a flexible solution for a variety of use cases for enterprises of all sizes ranging from small-to-midsized businesses to large enterprises with branch offices. Moreover, built-in artificial intelligence within RUCKUS One is helping us deliver our uptime guarantee,” noted Thomas Willems, Network Solution Architect, at VanRoey, a leading IT consulting and managed services provider from Belgium.

The RUCKUS One platform is available in all global markets. The NaaS and 4G/5G solutions are available immediately in the United States and are coming soon to global markets. For more information, please visit the RUCKUS Networks website.

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