SACO Optimises Warehouse Management with SNS and Infor

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Infor has announced that SACO, a retail and wholesale leader in the KSA region, has deployed Infor WMS (warehouse management system) with Infor ION, and third-party application, Loftware Labelling. The Infor WMS, which is fully integrated with SACO’s SAP ERP platform using Infor ION, is set to optimise order processing and picking, enhance put-away, and expedite the loading and validation processes. The project was managed by Infor partner SNS, a leading provider of supply chain consultancy and software implementation.

Infor WMS will support SACO’s warehouse operations, which are managed by their logistics services provider MEDSCAN, following a merger in 2016. MEDSCAN’s innovative and integrated logistics solutions encompass the best professionals, processes and systems to move products more efficiently, and will capitalise on the Infor WMS portal in particular to streamline financials and billing for the retail and wholesale giant.

With eight warehouses, high order volumes and SKUs in excess of 40,000, SACO needed a solution to optimise performance across its warehouse management. As well as enhancing its picking processes, the retail and wholesale leader needed to facilitate seamless integration with its ERP platform to ensure a real time view of operations at any given time and expedite decision-making.

“We needed a robust and scalable warehouse management solution with the in-depth functionality to support large volumes or orders and a wide product range across our eight warehouses,” said Ibrahim Mahmoud, Group CIO, SACO. “The advanced functionality in Infor WMS ensures consistency across our operations, supporting bills of materials, picking, put-aways and loading processes using unique codes and integrating seamlessly with our ERP platform, to drive efficiency across our business. In addition, the deployed enterprise integration platform and Infor WMS facilitates collaboration and visibility to ensure consistency and performance both within and beyond our operations.

“As per regular feedback of SACO operations team, starting from assignment picking based on the distribution of users per warehouse, to enhanced loading with added validation to ensure correct pallets are assigned and loaded to the correct truck, the level of granularity and process refinement we are now able to achieve is hugely valuable. We’re looking forward to embracing a new period of growth underpinned by world class capabilities and expertise at our helm.”

“Our merger with SACO five years ago represented a huge milestone for MEDSCAN and we see the deployment of Infor WMS as the next big development in driving value for our customers,” said Hussain Al Abdullah, general manager MEDSCAN. “The WMS deployment including the flexible integration capabilities will allow MEDSCAN to get new customers onboard quickly and smoothly. Infor WMS in particular is really impressive, providing dashboards and KPI insights in an intuitive and user-friendly format.”

“The scale of this deployment was huge, with additional challenges brought about by the integration requirements, and need to manage the project remotely because of the pandemic,” said Mohammed Obaidah, Director of Services, SNS. “Having successfully delivered the solution on time and to budget, we’re delighted to be supporting one of KSA’s leading retail and wholesale companies in their quest to deliver best practice and drive performance.”

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