Saudi Arabia’s GEA Unveils Wearable Pre-Paid Technology with stc pay

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As one of the sponsors for Riyadh Season, and in collaboration with the General Entertainment Authority and leading events management company Sela, the launch of a pre-paid digital payment bracelet and card can be used by visitors in Riyadh Season events.

The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) introduced the idea of a pre-paid card and bracelet which would create a convenient, streamlined experience for visitors to events including Winter Wonderland, Boulevard City, and the Combat Field. As one of the sponsors of Riyadh Season and with over 7.4 million existing users, stc pay was the perfect partner to adapt the technology, said the firm. stc pay is already established as a pioneer of technological solutions, with a vision to provide new, seamless, digital experiences, and assist in adaptation.

The pre-paid wearable technology bracelet and card, which can be charged and recharged through the stc pay app, streamlines ticketing and purchases on site while also making it an innovative experience. It provides easier and faster payment solutions, reduces queuing times for rides, and enhances the overall Riyadh Season experience and fun factor for everyone.

The contactless payment option is in line with the digital transformation goals of Vision 2030 and its strategic aim of establishing a 70% cashless society by 2030. It also emphasizes the innovative elements that stc pay adapted through their customer centric approach, and with the partnership of the General Entertainment Authority and Sella for Riyadh Season.

Contactless technology is already established as an integral part of day-to-day life, and with two thirds of the Saudi population under the age of 35, Saudi millennials and Generation Z have grown up in a digital age where they expect to have easily accessible technology to make payments.

stc pay is a secure, integrated digital wallet that enables secure transactions including tap-to-pay, wallet-to-wallet transactions, bill payments and money transfers. The digital payment bracelet is its first trial of pre-paid, wearable technology at a mega-entertainment event.

Winter Wonderland offers a full entertainment experience with 52 rides and six sub-zones. Riyadh Boulevard City and the Combat Field are currently open as well.

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