Software AG signs UN Global Compact

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Software AG will align its corporate transformation strategy, named Helix, closely with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria in the future. A key step in this process is the company’s entry into the UN Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest initiative for responsible and sustainable corporate governance. Software AG remains committed to supporting and complying with sustainable business practices, in line with the UNGC’s ten principles. Members of the UNGC commit to a sustainable strategic orientation of the company, in line with ethical standards in the areas of human rights, labor, anti-corruption and environment, and they must publish an annual progress report. Software AG’s newly defined Sustainability Roadmap 2025 sets out concrete targets and commitments for the coming years.

Software AG CEO Sanjay Brahmawar said, “I am proud we can make our commitment to building a truly connected and sustainable world visible by participating in the UN Global Compact. Our new Sustainability Roadmap 2025 reaffirms our belief that sustainability and economic success belong together—we want to continue to act responsibly for our employees, our customers, and the planet.”

Since its foundation in 1969, Software AG has focused on value-oriented actions and social engagement. In light of growing global challenges, particularly in the area of climate protection, Software AG unveiled its new Group-wide sustainability strategy in fiscal year 2021 and made sustainability a strategic priority going forward.

Sustainability is at the core of Software AG’s strategic orientation. The company’s ambition is to play a leading role in the global search for technological solutions to the most pressing social and environmental challenges, and to support its customers and partners in their sustainability efforts. Software AG’s management is convinced sustainability is a fundamental requirement for long-term business success.

Software AG CFO Matthias Heiden commented, “Sustained profitable growth can only succeed in harmony with responsible action. Compliance with ESG criteria is a decisive factor for the valuation and financial competitiveness of companies. Our Sustainability Roadmap is the logical continuation of the strategic orientation of our business model towards profitable growth.”

The cornerstone of Software AG’s sustainability strategy is the Sustainability Roadmap 2025 published in the 2021 Annual Report and guiding Software AG on how to achieve its ambitions in five key action areas. In addition to anchoring ESG criteria in the area of corporate governance, Software AG aims to cultivate a respectful, transparent and inclusive corporate culture for its employees and, as an attractive employer, to always bring the best talent into the company. Software AG’s technology solutions are designed to actively support customers in creating the prerequisites for sustainable business practices in their companies. And research projects are being conducted to develop technological solutions that positively impact society and the environment while contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Regarding Software AG’s impact on the environment, the company’s global carbon footprint will be assessed in order to develop a reduction path towards net zero CO2 emissions before the end of the current fiscal year.

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