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Trend Micro extends container security solution

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Trend Micro has announced the expansion of its security solution for containers with Deep Security Smart Check. This component provides continuous container image scanning to complement the existing Deep Security runtime container protection.

To spot malware and vulnerabilities most effectively, Trend Micro built Deep Security Smart Check to scan container images before deployment. The result is that security issues often can be resolved in the development cycle as opposed to after the release of the application.

“The DevOps Culture is becoming more popular because it changes the way teams look at delivering value. It’s not just about deploying software at a rapid pace, it also affects other parts of business such as marketing and operations. We believe that teams can also apply this philosophy to securing their environments,” commented Paul Hidalgo, Cloud Business Manager for Trend Micro AMEA. “Much like how virtual patching helps teams minimize risk while waiting to patch, having tools like Smart Check allows teams to find any malware or vulnerabilities within container images. It does not stop there, it will also tell the teams the exact line of code where malware or vulnerabilities are introduced so they can quickly resolve the issues and deploy high quality code in their environments.”

Additionally, Trend Micro is launching an extensive new suite of APIs and an automation center with resources to help enable security automation through better integrations. Trend Micro Deep Security customers use product APIs to enable continuous delivery, status monitoring, IT service management and orchestration tools integration, such as the newly launched Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes.

“Much like how Cloud Providers provide APIs to allow teams to build their environments, the same trend is happening to security products. This reduces the time it takes for teams to secure their environments. Smart Check APIs gives teams flexibility to integrate security while they build their software,” added Hidalgo.

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