UAE-based RAMZIQ Group powered by ZENIQ aims to transform the UAE blockchain ecosystem

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RAMZIQ Group announced the expansion of ZENIQ’s decentralised, secure, and easily accessible blockchain platform ecosystem in the United Arab Emirates. RAMZIQ translates to “Your Token” in Arabic and underlines the group’s mission which is the move towards fully decentralised services.

RAMZIQ Group is the company that is driving the success of the ZENIQ blockchain. ZENIQ is the blockchain and ecosystem on which everything is being built.

ZENIQ provides smart decentralised options for its customers to store, manage and protect their digital assets in a transparent and fully decentralised manner. It connects the NFT universe with online and offline commerce – providing an effortless solution to its customers.

RAMZIQ Group is the organization providing the cutting-edge ZENIQ Blockchain ecosystem – a next-generation digital asset management system. A one-stop shop for digital asset management, the ZENIQ app (downloadable for free on iOS and Android) consists of the world’s first-ever blockchain-based messenger system, the ZENIQ messenger.

The ZENIQ app is completely integrated with the ZENIQ Hub – a stand-alone physical device to store, control, and manage digital assets on the highest level of security. All transactions and notifications from the digital wallet are provided to the customer through it. The app also has full access to the NFT marketplace.

By using the ZENIQ messenger users can chat with each other or conduct transactions. The ZENIQ app is also linked with the ZENIQ Debit Card. The ZENIQ Smartchain, an innovative second layer blockchain, is fast and easy to use, and provides up to 10,000 transactions per second while offering extremely low transfer costs. ZENIQ also provides a decentralised exchange called the ZENIQ Swap

Commenting on the launch of RAMZIQ Group, Founding Partner, Solaiman Al Rifai said, “The UAE government has been at the forefront when it comes to supporting organisations that want to build innovative blockchain technologies. We believe that the platform we are building will be a game-changer. RAMZIQ Group with its ZENIQ blockchain technology guarantees total transparency and will offer huge potential to individuals and companies. Our company started as an idea in Area 2071, the innovation hub under the Dubai Future Foundation.”

“Up until now only 3 percent of all potential users are familiar with and have access to blockchain technology. We are targeting the remaining 97 percent and want to transform the blockchain ecosystem, said Erwin Dokter, CEO of ZENIQ Corporation, which serves as the blockchain technology provider and brand name within the RAMZIQ Group

The blockchain tokenisation industry is estimated to be US $24 trillion by 2027 according to World Economic Forum and ZENIQ is playing a key role in its evolution. Over the past two years, ZENIQ has grown at a fast pace and has launched innovative blockchain technology products that make a difference to the community.

RAMZIQ powered by ZENIQ also has its annual initiative, Smart Chain Forum which it organises every year. The Smart Chain Forum is an annual summit, an avenue for thought leaders in blockchain technology to discuss concepts and sustainable methods aimed to develop the future of digital assets in this 6th era of technology and innovation. The Smart Chain Forum will feature speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities around the future of digital assets and blockchain.

This year the Smart Chain Forum will be held on 13th, November 2022 at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa. Some of the keynote speakers will include Solaiman Al Rifai, Founding Partner, RAMZIQ, Erwin Dokter, Founding Partner, RAMZIQ, and Patrick Campos, Chief Strategy Officer, Securrency.

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