UAE interns voice their opinions on youth skilling and organisational development

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Canon Middle East and Canon Central and North Africa have recently conducted an internship workshop, giving students and fresh graduates in the UAE HQ a platform to share their perspectives on youth skilling and organisational development.

The goal was to foster stronger connections within Canon’s internship community and enhance the overall workplace experience for interns.

As part of the workshop, Canon provided students an opportunity to take the helm in an ‘MD for a Day’ activity, which saw interns stepping into the shoes of leaders and offering recommendations to enrich their internship experiences. These recommendations include elevating open communication, fostering work-life balance, encouraging role modelling, and infusing enjoyable activities into lunch breaks.

Commenting on the outcomes of the workshop, Venkatasubramanian (Subbu) Hariharan, Managing Director of Canon Middle East & Turkey, stated: “The insights and recommendations interns shared have the potential to create a more inclusive and empowering atmosphere during their internships. They emphasized the importance of informal sessions that encourage open dialogue and idea-sharing among themselves. They believe that brainstorming fosters innovation and a sense of collaboration within organisations.”

Sharing his perspective, Somesh Adukia, Managing Director – Canon Central and North Africa said: “Canon takes these recommendations to heart and is working to enhance the overall intern experience. We firmly believe that these ideas will create a more positive and engaging work environment, equipping interns with the skills and readiness they need to thrive in the professional world ahead of them.”

Interns emphasized the significance of mental health support and a proper work-life balance. Their suggestions include the establishment of designated break times and a strong encouragement for individuals to completely disconnect from work during these intervals. The young talents highly prized the transformative impact of maintaining equilibrium between their professional and personal lives, recognising it as a catalyst for enhanced wellbeing and productivity.

To that end, interns proposed the establishment of a physical library to encourage a healthy detachment from social media and the internet. This initiative would provide a diverse range of learning options, tailored to cater to the unique preferences of each intern.

In addition, collaboration stood out as a central theme in their recommendations. Interns called for a workplace culture where they can take a more proactive stance and seize opportunities to lead. This approach not only bolsters teamwork but also ignites creativity and inspires mutual support, creating a dynamic and cooperative atmosphere among interns in the workplace.

The internship workshop demonstrates Canon’s commitment to empowering youth and bridging the gap between education and the business world. It is a significant step towards creating a positive and engaging internship environment that benefits both the organisation and its future leaders.

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