Nexans launches BRIGHTBOX

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Nexans Telecom Systems, a supplier of end-to-end telecom and data network infrastructure solutions, announced the launch of BRIGHTBOX, a versatile and user-friendly splice and patching closure for aerial and underground FTTx applications.

BRIGHTBOX is a closure range for splicing or patching optical cable and is designed for aerial and underground applications. It is designed to be highly versatile, includes smart technologies & additional security features, and is available in two sizes with capacity of 144 and 288 splices. Options for patching are also possible, and the innovative fibre management system allows flexibility for cabling. The watertight closure is made with high-strength material to reach an IK09 level and IP68 watertightness and dust protection.

“As broadband demand in the region accelerates, operators need to enable fast rollout of FTTx infrastructure, whilst keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. BRIGHTBOX supports that providing versatile, user friendly connection with smart features which minimise ownership costs” said Arafat Yousef, Managing Director – Middle East & Africa, Nexans Data Network Solutions.

The main function of BRIGHTBOX is as a junction box for up to 288 fibres, or as a distribution box for up 32 drop cables, or a mix or drop & distribution cables. Using the combs located on each side, the loose tubes or microbundles can be routed directly in the organiser, but it is also possible to route each individual fibre to a splice cassette thanks to a dedicated path allowing single fibre management.

The clamping system is able to support up to 4 drop or distribution cables. Two versions are available depending on the type of cable, offering a direct strain relief of the reinforcement elements like aramid yarns or strength members of the cable, and the closure is designed to allow preparation outside the box in order to simplify the installation on site.

“BRIGHTBOX also includes the latest technologies in terms of smart components – like a NFC TAG in order to access product information via smartphone, and this will also enable many more planned features to be added in future,” added Arafat.

Network security is another big concern for operators, and as an option, the BRIGHTBO  can be equipped with a keyless locking system which can control access to the closure using a digital solution called Nexans INFRABIRD  to avoid any uncontrolled or accidental opening.

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