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Veeam Software announced the NEW Veeam Data Platform, a single platform delivering more advanced data security, recovery, and hybrid cloud capabilities than ever before. The Veeam Data Platform provides best-in-class secure backup and fast, reliable recovery that keeps business running. Kinda Baydoun, Manager of Channels, Distribution and Alliances - Middle East & CIS at Veeam Software, details the significance of this platform and how channel partners can benefit from this.

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What is so significant about this release?

We are very excited about this release, and it’s highly important for us. Veeam Data Platform provides organisations with data resiliency through secure backup and fast, reliable recovery for the hybrid cloud. There are three main key pillars at the heart of Veeam Data Platform. The first is data security. Considering how aggressive and relentless all the cyber-attacks are becoming, we have to ensure that we have a secure backup, recovery, and access. The second pillar is data recovery. We want to ensure that our customers can recover what they need, when they need it, and where they need it. It’s very important to have a granular recovery to the fine level, highly reliable and fast recovery, and also well-orchestrated. The third key pillar is data freedom. We never compromise on this at Veeam because we are a completely vendor-agnostic company. We want to ensure that our customers don’t feel restricted when choosing their data protection solutions for their data security strategy.

We also did some re-engineering to the licensing, making it even simpler. Veeam Data Platform has three enterprise-grade editions. The first is the Foundation Edition – Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) v12. It is our most comprehensive data protection solution today, adding more than 500 new features and enhancements, and the second one is the Advanced Edition – VBR plus Veeam ONE (ONE). We also refer to it as the visualisation tool to give customers deep, intelligent monitoring and observability to identify and resolve backup or recovery problems before they begin. And the third is the Premium Edition – VBR, ONE plus Veeam Recovery Orchestrator (VRO). Building on the other editions, Premium adds the full automation of complex data recovery processes with near-zero Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) while automating testing and providing complete data resiliency with the confidence of one-click recovery. Premium edition customers are also eligible for the new Veeam Ransomware Warranty, which covers the cost of data recovery, up to 5 million dollars, in the event of a ransomware or cyber-attack.

It combines the latest features offered by Veeam into a single robust solution offered in three enterprise-grade editions for protecting Cloud, Virtual, Physical, SaaS and Kubernetes applications across complex and expanding IT environments and the increasing set of challenges facing every organisation, from outages to errors and ransomware.


What factors led to the innovation and final release of this NEW Data Platform?

The market led to this innovation. Cloud is no longer an emerging technology as all our customers are either in the middle of the journey or at the end, and the hyper-scalars are investing in the region. As per Gartner, in 2023, there will be nearly 43 billion connected devices worldwide. The world’s population is 8 billion, meaning that each person will have five devices on average in 2023. All these complexities around connectivity, cloud, hybrid environment, and virtual world – Metaverse is exposing a huge platform for cyber-attacks, phishing, ransomware, data loss, especially in the cloud etc. Organisations are more vulnerable than ever.

We believe that it’s our responsibility to keep our customers’ business up and running all the time. This is what we truly believe, and it’s in our DNA. Therefore we always make sure that we are innovating, adding new features, making enhancements to ensure that the data is never compromised.In addition, we are protecting all our customers’ IT assets.


What change do you envision in the Data Protection landscape after the launch?

We at Veeam want to be the trusted provider of Backup, Recovery and Data Management Solutions that deliver Modern Data Protection and we continue to prove it. We have more than 450,000 customers worldwide, 81% from the Fortune 500. We are number one with the ability to execute in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for data protection. We got the net promoter score of 82. All this proves that our solutions and products are the most reliable and are highly trusted by our customers. We have earned this trust. So now, with the Veeam Data Platform, our customers will be able to test our products and witness that having a security strategy is not only about testing or detecting and predicting ransomware attacks or cyber-attacks. It’s not only about having this first line of defence but also about ensuring that data protection is integrated well within their cyber preparedness strategy. It will give the customers more confidence in instant and reliable recovery and ensure that their business runs smoothly.


How has the market reacted to this launch?

The market’s response to this launch has been highly positive because firstly, they were asking for it. At Veeam, we take customer’s feedback very seriously. We have special forums – internal and external, to send direct feedback to our Products Team and Research and Development Teams. We take into consideration all those requirements and enhancements while planning for our future product releases.

We had the official launch on February 14 and we already have a huge number of requests from customers to upgrade to Veeam Backup and Replication v12.


How will channel partners benefit from this launch?

With Veeam Data Platform being one platform covering all the workloads of the customers, our partners can sweat out all the opportunities that are coming with this new launch because they can fulfill all the customers’ requirements related to data protection and data security. In addition, they can work with one vendor to address their customers’ challenges, and even participate in enterprise projects.

And also services are a very important area. As you know, there is a gap in the market today regarding skills and expertise as many technologies are emerging rapidly. We at Veeam, whenever we have a new launch, make sure that our partners are very well equipped to help the customers not only to choose the right solution but also to implement it and ensure that it is well integrated within their environment. Hence our partners can benefit from the opportunities that this product is bringing as well as from the services. This is definitely a highly profitable revenue stream for our partners.

We are very excited about this launch, as I mentioned earlier, and we can’t wait to work closely with our partners and customers, so they can also have a first-hand experience of the New Veeam Data Platform.

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