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In an exclusive conversation with CXO Insight Middle East, Bibin George, Sales Representative MENA, Enterprise and Systems, Seagate Technology, highlights the firm’s recent distribution partnership with ASBIS Middle East and market plans for the year.

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Bibin George, Seagate Technology
Bibin George, Seagate Technology

Can you give an overview of the current data landscape in the region? Are there key trends customers and partners must keep an eye out for?   

The datasphere is growing at an unprecedented rate. By 2025, IDC predicts the global datasphere will grow to 175 zettabytes. Data is fuelling a smarter and more responsibly connected world and will continue to play an instrumental role across all business segments. As the world adopts IT 4.0, customers and partners should transform the storage infrastructure at the granular level and reconsider the hardware they implement in their systems in order to maximize performance at every stage of the data flow, from the edge to the cloud.

Why should regional customers capitalize on Seagate’s latest data management offerings in today’s new normal? 

We store most of the world’s data, shipping over 400 Exabytes per year. From petabyte to exabyte, we offer the best storage solutions at the best value with industry-leading capacity, firmware, and multi-core capabilities. Also, as Seagate develops technologies such as HAMR and MACH.2, valued Seagate customers will be able to get a first-hand experience with such solutions.

Can you elaborate on the recent distribution partnership with ASBIS Middle East for Seagate Storage Systems? How do you expect ASBIS to help scale your business to new heights in the region?  

Seagate never had a distributor for Seagate Systems in the Middle East region. Now, signing up with ASBIS would help us to grow this business across the entire Middle East. ASBIS boasts over 30 years of experience in the Middle East market and a dedicated team for value solutions. We will work together with their existing base of SIs and VARs, as well as target the channel of our trusted global partners to develop a successful business.

How can channel partners build value-added offerings around data management for their end customers?  

Channel partners should emphasis to customers that Seagate is the only enterprise storage manufacturer that designs and builds its entire system (including ASIC) and leverage our global partnerships to address their growing challenges with the ever-increasing data growth and associated costs.

How does Seagate support and enable its channel ecosystem with resources and trainings to help stay differentiated in the post-pandemic era?   

All our channel partners have access to Seagate Insider portal where they can access on-demand training and Knowledge Base which can be used to empower their team. Product Marketing collaterals are also available to promote the Seagate portfolio of products. Apart from that, we as Seagate along with our authorized distributor ASBIS run regular on-line trainings and webinars.

What kind of Data Migration Services does Seagate offer? 

Seagate offers Lyve Services which includes data migration as well as tape migration services to customers. Migrating data from a tape/disk legacy environment into a cloud environment (public/hybrid/private) can solve data management issues such as data retention and compliance. Working across different verticals such as the Oil & Gas, Telco, Media & Entertainment, we have global experience to engage with complex data migration projects.

What can the regional market expect from Seagate during the course of this year? 

Customers can expect CORTX, a 100% open-source object storage that enables efficient capture and consolidation of massive, unstructured data sets for the lowest cost per petabyte. Designed, built, and maintained by Seagate and a community of data scientists and enterprise storage experts, CORTX will bring exabyte scalability for their private cloud. Also, Seagate will be coming out with our Lyve Drive Solutions later this year. It is a revolutionary system of modular solutions that will help you to efficiently move data around your enterprise, cloud, and edge.

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