Construction firm UDC Transforms Customer Experiences with Sitecore

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Qatari public shareholding company United Development Company (UDC) has announced its digital transformation with Sitecore, driving new levels of innovation in the country’s real estate market.

Qatar’s real estate market is seeing new levels of optimism, thanks to a growing white-collar workforce, regulations that allow for more freehold ownership and permanent residency, and real estate projects that support Qatar National Vision 2030. As a result, the value of Qatar’s real estate deals exceeded QAR 15 billion in H2 2020, according to a recent report by KPMG.

UDC, whose developments include long-term residential, commercial, and entertainment projects, such as The Pearl-Qatar and Gewani Island, is digitally transforming with the channel partner Advancya. As a result, UDC is integrating and optimising its customer experiences across its website, digital marketing, and social media channels.

“UDC’s objective from the website is to service their residents, prospective buyers/renters, and visitors of their luxury island touristic destinations, all in one consolidated website that offers people of various interests the content that UDC wishes to promote,” said Mohamad Eskandarani, Digital Projects Executive, UDC Qatar. “Core results were having a much faster content updating experience, ability to create new pages, add campaign trackers, add dynamic content based on personas, all under the same unified backend interface of Sitecore.”

Using the Sitecore Experience Platform, UDC is updating content faster, especially by easily create new pages for marketing campaigns that are linked to the social media tracking software. The company is also adding dynamic content based on personas, all under the same unified backend interface of Sitecore. UDC is also using select Sitecore personalisation features to enable translation between English and Arabic content.

Overall, UDC has optimised costs, as staff spend less time creating and updating content, and gained efficiency by sharing content across the website and chatbot.

“In Qatar’s highly competitive real estate market, UDC is a leader in showing how digital transformation in marketing can deliver business benefits, enhance customer experiences, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage,” said Mohammed Alkhotani, Area Vice President of Middle East and Africa, Sitecore. “UDC is ideally positioned to continue delivering the right content at the right time from any platform to its investors, residents, and visitors.”

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