Rackspace Technology Launches Modern Operations

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Rackspace Technology today announced the launch of Rackspace Technology Modern Operations, a new managed service offering for public cloud. The new service offering will provide customers across, AWS, Azure, and GCP, a 24×7 unified support model for a broad range of services so customers can focus on core business activities and accelerate their journey through the cloud.

Regardless of a customer’s cloud maturity, Modern Operations provides operational and system administration support with a managed offering designed to provide a broad range of support services for end-to-end lifecycle management of customers’ cloud environments.

“The move to the cloud has created massive benefits for our customers and their business strategies as they have scaled and innovated at an ever-increasing pace. This innovation and transformation have come at a cost due to ever-increasing complexity in cloud environments,” said Mike Lindbert, Rackspace Technology Product Senior Director. “Our Modern Operations will help our customers manage complex cloud environments and accelerate their journey to cloud while providing the freedom to innovate and transform to achieve core business objectives.”


24x7x365 managed support: Focus your internal resources on core business activities and accelerate your cloud journey with the peace of mind that comes with managed environment.

Cloud expertise: Gain the benefits of the public cloud without incurring the challenge and expense of self-managing it.

Cloud resiliency: Leverage cloud native and proprietary Rackspace Technology tooling to reduce manual intervention and increase resiliency.

Innovate with cloud services: Take advantage of the latest cloud features and capabilities to solve challenging business problems.

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