Veritas: Maximise Data Visibility And Protection Through Automation

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Veritas returns to GITEX this year to leverage face-to-face meetings with customers and partners. The pandemic compelled businesses to accelerate their digital transformation ambitions and implement new technologies in just a couple of weeks when it normally takes years. This has led to a ‘vulnerability lag’ where their security measures cannot keep pace, resulting in unwanted breaches.

Veritas emphasises that the accelerated pace of deploying digital technologies leads to vulnerability lags allowing systems and data to be compromised and open to attack. “Our solutions help organisations to maximise data visibility and protection through automation. Not only do our solutions uncover where the issues lie, but also allows customers to easily address them, without needing to conjure up a bigger team,” said Arthur Dell, Senior Director – Technology Sales, International Emerging Region, EMEA, Veritas.

The recently released Veritas Vulnerability Lag Report discovered that UAE businesses could still be at risk of ransomware and other data loss incidents that result from IT security vulnerabilities introduced by their COVID-driven business transformation for another two years. It was revealed that on average, UAE organisations would need an additional $2.52 million and 34 IT staff to shorten the vulnerability lag and ensure protection in the next 12 months.

It was also said that cloud environments are at the highest risk with this vulnerability lag, which is one aspect that organisations need to attend to. The survey indicated that less than half of users can accurately state the number of cloud services they have at their company.

“They also lacked clarity about the data they might need to protect, with the average respondents admitting that 38 percent of the data their organisation was storing is “dark” – that is to say, they don’t know what it is – and that a further 49 percent is Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial (ROT),” Dell said.

Veritas aims to help its customers enhance the protection of their data through continued investment in its portfolio. This makes Veritas the most comprehensive data protection provider across physical, virtual, cloud and container environments, Dell added.


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