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Mohammad Izzat Al Taani, telecommunications veteran and advisor, writes on the Impact of HD video calling on business progress and social bonds

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In the past few years, amidst the global efforts to deal with the pandemic, video calling has emerged as an essential tool for individuals and organizations seeking to overcome the challenges posed by the need for social distancing. With the desire for communication and connection becoming more vital than ever, people worldwide have increasingly relied on video calling as an effective means to stay in touch.

But while it is now safe to say that the pandemic is finally behind us, video calling is here to stay – and its quality matters. After all, who wants to talk to pixelated, sluggish replicas of their friends, family, or colleagues? Thanks to technological advancements, such as the quite capable camera sensors featured even on budget smartphones and the widespread availability of mobile and fixed broadband Internet, we have everything required for true HD video communication in the palm of our hand. Well, almost everything. You see, we also need modern platforms capable of supporting this HD video calling revolution in practice, not just in theory or under ideal conditions.

Recently, an instant messaging (IM) application named imo launched 2K HD video calling, making it the world’s first platform to offer a free 2K video calling experience. This has prompted our contemplation—what will the race toward clearer, higher-quality video communication bring to our industries and daily lives?

Opening up a sea (or maybe an ocean!) of possibilities while improving collaboration and productivity

With the global shift towards hybrid work models ongoing, 2K HD video conferencing and calling is increasingly recognized as a valuable tool in business, facilitating enhanced productivity, collaboration, and communication among geographically dispersed teams and employees. The ability to communicate with colleagues in crisp detail adds an extra, more natural dimension to digital interactions, from virtual meetings to collaborative project conversations.

2K HD video calling provides superior clarity, which makes it easier to understand what the other person is saying and to observe their facial expressions and body language. Some of the most advanced instant messaging and video calling platforms can even enhance audio quality by eliminating unwanted background noise in real-time and brighten dark environments automatically.

On top of that, 2K HD video calling enables businesses to engage with customers in a more personal way, conduct sales presentations, and offer remote assistance. Imagine being able to choose your new outfit through a video call with your favorite clothes store or showing a sales representative a defective product you have just received to speed up the return or refund process.

The introduction of higher-quality video communication has the potential to yield substantial benefits for the healthcare industry as well. With 2K HD video calling, doctors can have clear and detailed visual interactions with their patients, enabling them to evaluate symptoms, provide medical advice, and prescribe appropriate treatments. This not only saves time and resources but it also improves access to healthcare for people living in remote or underserved areas.

Building meaningful relationships regardless of distance

Beyond its impact on business collaboration, 2K HD video calling has the potential to change the way we communicate on a personal level. Video calls bridge the gap between distant relatives and far-flung friends in a way that telephone conversations and text messages just cannot accomplish. Face-to-face interactions are as straightforward as a few taps or clicks, regardless of distance.

Parents, for instance, will be able witness their children’s milestones in real-time without missing a single detail. From graduation ceremonies and birthdays to weddings, people join major life events using their smartphones or computers. These moments will transform into memorable shared experiences with 2K HD video calling, delivering a feeling of togetherness and belonging that might otherwise be lacking.

Video calls already enable us to catch up with long-lost friends, provide companionship to elderly relatives who reside alone, and participate in group family activities while living abroad. 2K HD video can strengthen the authenticity and proximity of each of these occasions to reality by preserving the emotional resonance conveyed through body language and facial expressions.

In order to guarantee widespread 2K HD video calling availability, there are certain key issues that need to be addressed, such as bandwidth limitations in developing countries, technological disparities, and security concerns. imo’s engineers designed intelligent algorithms that can predict network fluctuations and adaptively adjust video parameters in real-time. They also successfully integrated advanced noise reduction and image enhancement algorithms into the video stream, in order to provide businesses across all industries and individuals consistent, crystal-clear visual experiences while also taking into account user security. Higher-quality video calling is already changing the way we communicate, and its influence will only grow as the necessary technology evolves and becomes more affordable for all.

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