D-Link Announces Contactless Solutions To Combat COVID-19

D-Link Thermal Solution Fever Screening Kit and D-Link Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal suite of products aim to help ease the challenge of high-volume temperature screening faced by customers across the globe.

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Sakkeer Hussain, D-Link Middle East
Sakkeer Hussain, D-Link Middle East

Global connectivity solutions provider D-Link Corporation has expanded its portfolio with two solutions catering to current market demands. The D-Link Thermal Solution Fever Screening Kit DCS-F9400KT for group thermal imaging screening and D-Link Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal DCS-F7200FT for temperature measurement and access control will significantly contribute to the challenge of high-volume temperature screening encountered by customers all over the world, said the company.

As economies open up and lockdowns ease globally, it continues to be critical to monitor the spread of COVID-19. D-Link’s latest contactless solutions aim to make temperature measurement and screening effortless during these challenging times.

Designed to accurately and efficiently test people’s body temperature, D-Link said its solutions are ideal for numerous scenarios where large crowds are expected, such as airports, railway stations, offices, school, communities, supermarkets, malls, banks and so on.

D-LinkThe DCS-F9400KT – D-Link Thermal Solution Fever Screening Kit consists of a powerful and accurate Thermal Camera with a Blackbody along with an AI NVR. The kit includes the below products:

  • DCS-F9400T x 1: 4MP Optical & Thermal Dual-spectrum Temperature Measurement Bullet Network Camera with power supply
  • DCS-F9400T-BB x 1: Blackbody to work with DCS-F9400T
  • DNR-F9216T x 1: 16 Channel AI Network Video Recorder.
  • DCS-F9400T-STAND x2: Tripod Stand

Some of the highlights of this solution includes high accuracy ±0.3℃ with the blackbody, face identification, auto alarm face capture, multi-target face detection, contactless and ease of deployment. It also Support alarm when no mask and abnormal temperature are detected. The Attributes detection includes face ID, mask and human body temperature status.

The DCS-F7200FT – D-Link Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal is an access control device equipped with precise recognition rate, large storage capacity and fast recognition, which integrates face recognition technology and non-contact temperature detection technology.

The digital temperature measurement face recognition terminal supports real-time rapid body temperature detection. Thus, the product can achieve face recognition and temperature detection at the same time, and support warning people with abnormal body temperature including real-time temperature detection and screen display. It also supports face recognition with a mask. The device’s UI can even indicate whether to wear a mask or not as well as set off an alarm for those who do not wear a mask.

Sakkeer Hussain, Director, Sales and Marketing, D-Link Middle East, said, Although economies are gradually reopening, we are not yet out of the woods when it comes to COVID-19. It continues to be a grave situation, which can only be controlled through systematic and regular monitoring. D-Link’s latest innovations cater to this imminent market demand, which will help the authorities at high footfall locations to effortlessly measure and screen for abnormal body temperatures, which is a key symptom of COVID-19. At D-Link, we are continuing to place the safety of our customers, partners and other stakeholders before everything else.”

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