UiPath extends its online RPA academy and certification

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UiPath has introduced an expansion to its RPA Certification program and a more comprehensive training platform, both designed to prepare people with the automation knowledge and tools required to accelerate workforce readiness and excel in the future of work.

Industry research shows there is a soaring demand for professionals who have such skills. Freelancing Web site Upwork in its 2019 index of the hottest skills in the U.S. freelance job market noted that robotic process automation (RPA) skills ranked third among the fastest-growing skills. In its 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, LinkedIn placed robotics engineer second in its listing of the top 15 emerging jobs in the U.S., with a 40% annual growth rate.

Despite the growing need for reskilling and job training, educational opportunities and training are not easily available or accessible for most people. UiPath says it is committed to investing in the workforce of the future through its UiPath Academy, which is focused on training and reskilling for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow. UiPath launched its Academy to empower workers to master the fundamentals of RPA, gaining the knowledge and hands-on experience to successfully navigate the future of work.

The free online RPA training and certification curriculum offers participants the opportunity to upskill or reskill their capabilities for the “automation first” era. Academy training courses prepare professionals for the roles required to build an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) within an organization, including RPA developers, solution architects, infrastructure engineers, implementation managers, and business analysts. More than 550,000 individuals around the world have enrolled in UiPath Academy since its launch in 2017.

Expansion to its UiPath Certification Program

UiPath has expanded its industry-leading online RPA Certification program, which has already certified 40,000 RPA Advanced Developers globally. The exams, which are fully secure and available for professionals and students to complete proctored, online or at one of the 6,000 in-person testing locations around the world, are offered at two certification levels:

  • RPA Associate: Considered the foundational certification level for all RPA job roles. The exam tests problem-solving and process development skills, plus abilities in UiPath platform (including Studio, Orchestrator, and Robots).
  • RPA Advanced Developer: Recommended as a second certification level following RPA Associate for those in technical roles (e.g., RPA Developer, Solution Architect), with more than six months of on-the-ground RPA experience. The exam tests peoples’ abilities to design and develop complex RPA solutions in enterprise environments.

People who pass the exams are considered UiPath Certified Professionals. In addition to the training provided via UiPath Academy, nearly 500 universities and colleges in the UiPath Academic Alliance program are also educating their students on RPA, many of whom are ready to get certified.

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  1. Oliver Harris says

    Yes! The time is good for more to start learning RPA skills, as soon we’ll all deal with automation one way or another. Great to see UiPath taking this decision.

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