Software AG ‘simplifying the connected world’ at GITEX 2022

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For modern enterprises, software is the ultimate value driver. As software increases its focus on sustainable future and connected enterprises, Software AG focuses on ‘simplifying the connected world’. Their mission is to empower enterprise to become truly connected. Using our industry-leading suite of products across integration & API management, IoT & analytics and business transformation, we create a fluid flow of data between people, departments, systems, and devices.

Referring to this year’s theme, Rami Kichli Senior Vice-President, Middle East & Turkey, Software AG says, “An enterprise is the interaction of three pillars- Human, Technology and Processes. An interaction of these three serves the purpose of enterprise, whether it is a city providing services to its citizens, or a retailer filling up the shelves with merchandise, or a production facility that is producing goods. Technology landscape is extremely complex and to simplify that, people are eliminating the complexity. On the contrary, we believe in complexity abstraction where instead of eliminating, we make it invisible for the organisations to attain simplicity.  We prepare governments and enterprises to simplify the complex world by bringing seamless consolidated, conformed hybrid integration and data integration capabilities through its cloud native solutions to build digital backbones – the central pillar of control, consolidation and flexibility in an organisation. Simplification is the key in a world of living connections.”

Software AG’s initiative, Future Disruptors Program is a regional initiative that bridges industry-academia to prepare students for future work environments. Shortlisted students showcase their real IoT use cases at GITEX, and the winners will intern at Software AG offices globally and locally. Last night was the crowning event to celebrate the success of the winners of this program. Kichli says, “We are extremely proud of this initiative as our mission here is to equip the university students who are willing to shape the future of the city. We took the students on a learning trip by teaching them about IoT and training them on our technology. We leverage their imagination and mentor them for six months. Shortlisted three teams- BITS Pilani, University of Dubai and Canadian University, Dubai participated in the finals and exhibited with us. All the use cases were about serving the community and were well thought and excellently presented. Being a competition, this year’s winning team was University of Dubai whose idea is to create a Smart Refrigerator to monitor and protect the food donated for underprivileged. My heartiest congratulations to the winning team”.

They are planning to incorporate these refrigerators across the communities. They love to be the facilitators of such brilliant and innovative ideas. Their aim is to create an ecosystem with such collaboration platforms.

Many announcements were made recently about their partnerships and collaborations. Speaking of plans in 2023, Rami said, “I think our outlook is super optimistic, very upbeat on the pulse of the market. We are accelerating our growth, our investments in the region. We are going to take that growth mode and that investment move to the next level. We have just announced opening of our fifth office in the region, in Egypt. Over the next few months, we will also be making our biggest investment in human capital across the region.”

Software AG is committed to technology adoption driven with a purpose for the community.

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